Closure Of Services

Please note tomorrow 9th september we will be closing streamsmart VPN due to the rising costs associated with providing this vpn service. We will return in the future with a newer better VPN network, with better apps for Android, IOS and many other devices.

8th Sept 2022
2x Servers Re Added france

2 Of the servers we lost in the fire in france are now back online!

31st Mar 2021
New Servers Coming

please note we are going to upgrade some of our servers in key locations next week so they can support a larger capacity.

31st Jan 2021

We are looking to launch our network to the general public on the 1st Febuary 2020. Before we do this in the next week we are going to do a full reset on our VPN network and remove and re add all our services to ensure they are all working well. If you use a VPN router or app there will be a short downtime of 1 day while we do the updates but we ... Read More »

19th Jan 2021
New London Servers

We are bringing online 5 new london vpn servers in the next few hours keep your eyes open for them! 

2nd Jan 2021
We are coming out!

Launching 1/2/2021 We will be launching our VPN Network globally on, as we have been extremely happy with our beta tests that we have been running. Our VPN Will be very competitively priced and we will up our usage allowance from 5 devices to 8 Devices! So you can protect the whole family's devices!   We will also be adding some new ... Read More »

17th Dec 2020
Port 25 Blocked

Please note to protect our vpn servers we have disabled Port 25 on our servers to ensure our service cannot be used by spammers to send out spam and junk mail.

8th Nov 2020
Last 20 accounts available!

Last 20 accounts available for the beta now!

31st Oct 2020
None Real Emails

Please note we have had quite a few signups with fake emails. Please note these accounts will be terminated, As fake emails will make any emails we send out bounce and blacklist our email domain. If you have used a fake email please make sure its updated before tomorrow 28/10/2020 to avoid any issues.

27th Oct 2020
SSL Now enabled!

We have now updated our Android VPN App to use SSL and we have now enabled SSL system-wide on our websites.

26th Oct 2020